We spent a wonderful day walking several miles around Grizedale Forest. 

The forest is also a famous sculpture park and over the years I have photographed many of these sculptures – they are mostly in wood or stone. 

I’ve included just a few of my favourites here. 

The cake requires a special mention…. served in the Grizedale cafe, it is a gluten and dairy free lemon cake.

And it was to truly die for.


No, really. 

I asked for the recipe / supplier and found the Gluten Free kitchen. 

One large order coming my way next week.





Ric and sheepweb

Sheep scultptureweb

Our cottage was just a few minutes from Grasmere and one evening we took a gentle stroll from Rydal to the Lake.  We are at the far side of Grasmere Lake looking towards the village.

A perfect evening.

Grasmere lakeweb



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