I ask because I’m not sure I know really.

At the weekend I was in Cumbria at the Quilters Guild Region 15W regional meeting.  Saturday I gave a talk “The Accidental Quilter” and Sunday I taught a workshop on Goddesses.  I had my camera in my bag all the time but forgot to take any photos (as I do when I’m teaching I must get out of this bad habit).


Caribbean Goddess Goddess summer tree

Then I finally decided what to do for the CQGB challenge “Breakthrough”.  I had started a piece months ago for this but decide it wasn’t working and chopped it up – making it too small for the 90×90 or 60x60cm strict limits (I hate having these limits it doesn’t work for me at all – and only 1cm tolerance.  Embroiderers would never demand this regulation). 

Anyway, now I have my design I have realised that the deadline – 6th November –  is not weeks away but only 12 days to account for postage of info.  I have visitors arriving tomorrow for a whole week so I know there is little chance I’m going to get this done.  I thought I had about two weeks after the holidays.

So do I try and work like crazy?  My work is always very labour intensive and I don’t produce 4 works in a day.  That’s not me – I can do much better than that.  Throwing something together is not my style.

Maybe I’ll get going and try, at the least I’ll have one piece of work in progress……..

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  • 24/10/2009 at 8:35 am

    Love these colours Helen! Back to your usual self?! We've succumbed to the bug which lots of children seem to have had. Hope you and yours are well now.

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