We do!  And its beautifully light and fluffy.  Its also pitch black outside so snowballs and snowmen will have to wait until tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get the Pagan festivity symbol tomorrow – the tree – and start decorating.  The sun was SO low today – just about got over the top of the shed.  Roll on the solstice.

Some more pictures of work from the exhibition (btw Eastgate Theatre is in Peebles – it was pointed out to me that the information wasn’t on the poster).

Here is another art piece made with hand dyed silks, hand stitched and beaded 
It’s long and thin approx. 25x75cm (portrait).  It’s on sale for £185.00. 
(The previous post the work is approx.30x100cm and £225.00)

You can only see a very small section here…. yes this is one of the two I deleted the full shots.

4012 framed 1

4012 framed 2

One thought on “Do you have snow?

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:31 pm

    Helen, I love the new Gallery Format, good luck with the exhibition, your pieces look great. Thanks for asking, my Mum is ok, chest infection and on intravenous antibiotics. I think she will be in Hospital for Christmas. I have one boy home, the other supposed to be back tomorrow but he has been climbing in the Peak District all weekend and is snowed in. Hopefully, he will get back home Tuesday. We, like you have plenty of the white stuff, we went for a long walk today across the fields to pick a few sprigs of holly, it was so lovely. Looking forward to seeing your tree up. Have a great Christmas.
    Denise x

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