Yes more snow.  I think we may even have made the national news.

Yesterday we measured – 12 inches!!!!!  = 30cm.

I am sitting here hoping and hoping that the electricity holds out
(and therefore the heating, lighting and laptop in that order). 

I am also hoping my ASDA food shop can get here.  I can see us loading up the wheelbarrow and collecting it from the main road in our wellies and woolly hats.  That would have to be the Photo of  the Day.  \

Yes, I’ve started taking a photo a day again.  I did this in 2008 and loved it, got sidetracked in 2009 and stopped and then regretted it.  So here we go again. 
The URL is  Please add it to your subscriptions (do you use Google Reader? its wonderful for tracking blogs).

Here’s yesterdays page;


Meanwhile today is a hibernation and cleaning day
(I’ve just looked at the cooker hob and was truly appalled!) 

This morning I’ve been finishing off editing a new book.  I’ve used Blurb to print out the blog from May-Dec 2009.  Its a great diary and record of life.  It’s uploading as I type.

blurb tg 2

I did June 2005-May 2009 last month.  Though heartbreakingly as you know I lost 2 years of photos when the blog was swapped from blogger to my web site.  Real *&^%^%.

blurb tg1

And there is Australia and Dubai to order too.  Yes I know we were there in 2008, but I’m a bit behind here.

blurb australia

What other picture could you use for the cover?

blurb australia 1

Well the book processed and should be here before the end of the month (along with Australia).

blurb tg 2a

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  • 02/01/2010 at 6:06 pm

    what a fantastic idea and so great to keep – hope the food has arrived

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