For escape yesterday………. and then it snowed again.  Try again Monday.  The city beckons.

My car matches the signal box.  Is that not just good planning and design? 


The latest – it’s collapsed even more.  Heartbreaking.  I am coping by organising space and the insurance claim.  That way I don’t think about it too much.  But I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful fabrics trapped under that roof.  And my postcards – from DH’s travels, from friends, some ATC’s… they were pinned to the bookcases.  All lost.  Silly little things but they matter.

Had I lost my various Towers or my precious hanging “Alberts and Stryer”, well, I’d still be an hysterical mad woman.  That might still happen once the numbness has worn off. 
It’s a grieving process of a kind I guess.   


A blast from the past……… if you’re a long time reader you might remember this picture….
this is where I used to work before the studio.  Yes, that right, just this little room and the kitchen table. 

Minolta DSC

Below is the view today.  Same plastic storage units in almost the same space.


Below is the bedroom.  All the precious hand threads and beads next to the bed.


The other bedroom.  Oh, look, there are my machine threads!!!!


And finally poor DS’s room.  I think he has the worst as his room is at the top of the stairs and was filled up first. I even moved his display of rocks and fossils and took over the bookcase. house3

That’s it with studio photos for a while now.  Too negative.
I’ll show you the demolition and rebuilding when it happens (you could be waiting some time).

So onto a happier note and maybe even some textiles soon (I have the last 2010 JQ’s to show you tomorrow).

I got my keys to the workshop unit today – the guy has painted the walls and the floor for me. 
Isn’t that wonderful?  Hoping to empty the container on Monday and move the few pieces of furniture that we salvaged.

I don’t often cross post with the Photo a Day blog but couldn’t resist another happy note – the Brora sale is on.  Who can resist cashmere on sale?  Snuggly, soft, warm and feels very safe.  Just what I need.


3 thoughts on “Poised……

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:31 pm

    I'm glad the guy at the workshop has brightened it up for you :o) Looks like you saved a lot of stuff so fingers crossed your fabrics are ok when you can get to them. I like your togetherness :o) My DH and I have laptop and computer in the lounge together so even if we don't speak cos we're busily clicking away we are at least together in the evenings. I have a photo of him in his cupboard to put on my blog sometime lol Hope you stay safe. Enjoy the cashmere.

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:31 pm

    The picture of your bedroom left me speechless, Helen. How on earth do you make it to your bed? But then again, if the urge to stitch strikes in the middle of the night, you've certainly got all the necesssary materials to hand.
    I'm sure it will be a great relief to get established in your new place next week. And don't be too sorry about not getting out. The pavements in Edinburgh are lethal and the main roads are getting very flooded with the thaw setting in!

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:31 pm

    glad you are sorting through and keeping your head above water – take care

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