Welcome to February, boy it’s got to be better than January!

February started off with a really wonderfully day – I had lunch with friends I hadn’t seen since November (due to snow and sick children).  Lovely lunch and good conversation.  Perfect.

Here is the summary of January taken from my other blog NE71 2010 you can follow it here. 
I take a photograph every day and I’m really enjoying it.

NE71 Jan 2010web

NE71 Jan 20101web

NE71 Jan 20103web

NE71 Jan 20104web 

NE71 Jan 20105web 

NE71 Jan 20106web

One thought on “January’s summary

  • 02/02/2010 at 8:56 am

    The photos look amazing, juxtaposed like that. (And I covet the purple shoes!)

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