At midnight the water receded about 4 inches – thank goodness.

Today the river is down to 3ft and there is no sign of a flooded field / track.  Shame my neighbour is blocking the Environment Agency and the local council from putting in a channel to direct the water away from the house, well and septic tank.  How can someone be so intensely horrible as to do that?

Last night I thought I might be living in a parallel universe – having gone down the wrong trouser leg for 2010.  Those of you with a misspent youth of Red Dwarf and Hitchhikers Guide will understand my reasoning. 

Today its freezing and snowing!

Star (the rabbit) has not come out of his hutch all day, I’ll close it all up again later to keep him warm.

Meanwhile here are the photos from the month of March from the NE71 Photo a Day blog.  I didn’t manage every day this month, I decided not to stress about it. 

NE71 Mar 2010 NE71 Mar 20101 NE71 Mar 20102 NE71 Mar 20103 NE71 Mar 20104

I’ll leave you with another quote;

Dmitry Fadeyev from Quotes on Design

“Good design at the front-end suggests that everything is in order at the back-end,
whether or not that is the case”.