I am living in some sort of disaster area here!

We just missed this crash this morning at the end of our lane.  No one was hurt thank goodness but both cars are totally written off.

17-04-2010 photo

The garden is finally undergoing a transformation.


DS offered to help my gardeners laying gravel and planting a laurel hedge and some shrubs.  The delivery truck just managed to get the gravel over the fence but he was at a precarious angle. 

garden 1 garden 2

Look how wonderful the weather can be here, so warm and sunny – snow up on the high hills. 
This is the Ingram Valley, a few miles from home.  DS and I went for a short (steep) walk.

Ric IngramApril10-2 Ric IngramApril10

Are you wondering what happened to my mini-break?  It didn’t happen as DS started puking at 6am and finished about 4pm on the day we were meant to leave.  So instead of spa, beach and reading Vogue by the pool I was nursing a sick child.  Even worse we lost our money as it was an advanced booking.  He’s fine now and back to normal.  Poor kid.

Great news though – the Horn Cabinet has arrived!  yes!!!!  It JUST fits in the room.


2 thoughts on “I wonder if…..

  • 20/04/2010 at 11:33 am

    Ohh can't wait to be walking in Ingram Valley again, what a beautiful day lucky you.
    Sorry you didn't get away for your jolly, but am glad Richard is feeling better. The garden is looking good, but i thought child labour was a big no no 😉
    The Horn cabinet looks enormous!!
    Am now back home the house is empty and a total mess, do i start at the top and work my way down just be in denial?!!

  • 20/04/2010 at 5:50 pm

    DS looks like he is fully recovered now, but such a shame you had to miss your outing. Isn't it great to finally have some sun (even though it's freezing!)and to see the garden come back to life. I'm finally beginning to believe we might get Spring after all!
    Enjoy your Horn cabinet, you so deserve it!!

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