Hard to believe this was only 8 days OK, seems much longer.  On Day 1 we saw Big Ben, the river and I went to the one shop I wanted to visit – Liberty to get some fabric.


“It’s Aslan” said DS!  “There’s another one!”


This is the quietest we saw Trafalgar Square all week.  We called into the National Gallery (above) and it’s cafe to revive ourselves and had a quick look around the important pictures – Constable’s Haywain, Van Gogh (“It’s not swirly”) – including a swirly one at the end, Holbein’s fantastic weird skull, Monet, Renoir, Leonardo, Seurat and other in passing.  Not sure what he remembers but at least I can say he has seen these famous paintings!


Top of DS’s list was to see Big Ben.  “It’s huge!”


I was interested in the gothic details.

 london9   London 17

DS spotted the wonderful chocolate shops…..London 19

Anthropologie store – shot from the hip so a bit blurred….must return next time.

 London 20

A Anthropologie window – perfect for a C&G sample!

 London 21

Liberty – not the same as it used to be, but still has something special about it…..

 London 22 London 24

London 25

London 26

This was the department I was after – fabrics and haberdashery.  Though not a very satisfying shopping experience with a bored child and both of us with rucsacs on our backs and me carrying a large camera, it’s a tight space and hard to choose when you have a time limit.  But I am happy with what I did get – will take some photo’s later today. 

Yes, there is a Liberty quilt coming on….. how trendy is that?!