I do wish the British government would sort themselves out.  Well actually I wish we HAD a government.  Nick Clegg must be enjoying being Kingmaker, Warwick would be interested in the new power base, politicians, not Kings.

I was gathering some long favourite songs from iTunes store – you know the ones you really like but don’t have?  Well I downloaded “Come on Eileen” (school disco favourite) and thought of an article I’d read in the Times a few weeks ago.  David Cameron is only a year older than both myself and the person being interviewed.  They thought it was very scary that someone who had danced to “Come On Eileen” at school could be running the country soon.  I so totally agree! 

I also downloaded old rock favourites and amazed DS by “head banging” to some heavy rock (he’s used to the music, but not the actions) It’s not the same with short hair.  He was quite amazed, even more so when I said I still had my black leathers…….  Poor child.  I live such a quiet life these days, he has no idea of my child free years.

Are you still with me?  Good!  Last few pictures from London – British Museum (what a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration) and finally Covent Garden.  Oh and I forgot to mention our trip to the Lion King I think – wonderful.

London 86

The Kingdom of Ife exhibition was wonderful.  Miss the quilts and go and see it instead.

DS loved these, he wasn’t as interested in the Egyptian articles as he thought he would be.


Now these give me the heebee’s.


The Benin Bronzes.  Something I’d really wanted to see.  Did you watch the BBC series on Lost Empires of Africa?  Wonderful…. and these bronzes in real life were wonderful too.  One to return to with a sketchbook and time.

London 109  1995

Greek temples and marbles.

London 1231996

And of course, the India room, far too dark for much photography and too many glass cases with reflections.  Again, one for the sketchbook and more time “to sit and stare”.

1997London 128

I fell at the last hurdle…. I walked through the V&A bookshop without stopping (I knew I would want them all), but the BM shop was too easy.

London 146 

Covent Garden on Thursday morning…. oh the shops! 
East lured me…. I succumbed.  Small child restrained me from the rest. 
Then it was off to Kings Cross and the train home.  4 hrs later we were in a colder Northumberland.  But a lovely quiet, clean and friendly Northumberland.  Back home.


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  • 09/05/2010 at 11:18 pm

    I love the photo of the reading room and roof, Helen. Take heart – BNP had a bad night. I bet a lot of Lib Dems didn't expect they'd vote lib and get the tories!!

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