Today at 10.45am its 9 degrees C, very windy, freezing cold, grey skies and rain splatters.  Oh to be back in warm, sunny Sarlat sitting in that cafe with a cool drink……

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-51-17

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-33-49 2848x4288

  Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-23-08 4288x2848

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-14-10 2848x4288  Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-16-42 2848x4288

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-20-03 2848x4288  

The only shop I found in the whole holiday with any reference to the gentle art of needlework. 
I will show you what I came out with tomorrow.

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-30-11 4288x2848

How lovely it would be to return in the evening with a group of friends and sit outside the numerous cafes and bars.  Or to return sans boys and explore the numerous galleries.

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-19-00 2848x4288

Dreaming over – back to reality and MORE painting in the studio.  Not sure which part of me aches the most – hands, wrists, arms, neck or back.  Maybe I can get the first boxes moved today too.

2 thoughts on “To be back in Sarlat

  • 19/06/2010 at 6:33 pm

    I'm so sorry the weather is so bad with you, Helen. Here we had wonderful sunshine (although it was quite windy) and in Edinburgh it was even warmer. Hope this will be with you tomorrow, as it's apparently going South. Love the French pics. Sometimes I think how happy life would be if the sun was always with us but no doubt the French have their problems too. They just don't look so bad in the sun!! I would definitely join you in a cafe (or two, or ten!) like a shot!

  • 19/06/2010 at 9:01 pm

    I thought it was Sarlat when I saw your picture before – it's a place I've visited often. There used to be a patchwork shop up the street behind the main square, but it closed some years ago. I wonder if the shop you found is the same lady. I shall go and visit when I get a chance to visit France again.

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