Not only did I unpack the haul yesterday I started cutting and stitching too. 
(DS was away playing at a friends so I had uninterrupted time and peace).

I am still mulling over creative art ideas and needed to be working with fabric but not thinking too much.

The Tilda fabrics were first.  I need another blue fabric for a border between the mustard and red.  Ordered that yesterday, hopefully here by Saturday. 
The colours aren’t right on the screen, looks much better in reality.


The remains of the fabrics were placed into a diamond formation. 
New for me – a practise for the Rowan fabrics.



Guess I should unpack the workshop bags soon and I think that will spark a round of arty collages….. maybe I should get these throws cut and stitched (if not quilted) first of all…..
otherwise they might not happen for a long time (ask me how I know that!)

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    Hello! Is it okay that I go a bit off topic? I'm trying to read your website on my Blackberry but it doesn't display properly, any suggestions? Thanks for the help I hope! Solange

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