Today was show day – I love this day every year.  Apart from the fact that we get trapped at the end of a single track lane and couldn’t possibly try to leave and go the opposite way to the hundreds of cars coming to park in the morning and leave in the afternoon.

Today was sunny – what a change from yesterday when it was cold and lashing with rain.

Now, I’ve got 50 photos recording the spirit of the Glendale show in Wooler.  So this might be a long post!  (It might be two, or even three posts.)

Gshow 2010 6

Through the gates across the lane and into the field.

Gshow 2010 5

gshow 2010 2   

GShow 2010 1

Look how dry the river is today, you can also see how unstable the area is – would you believe “Natural England” will not let “English Nature” (both government bodies) consolidate this stretch and move the stones and gravel?  Mad.  Thanks goodness we now have the flood defences fitted to doors.

Gshow 2010 8 

The Glendale Show – the largest in north Northumberland, is a real mix of fun fair, agricultural interests and retail therapy.  Along with flowers, jam, very sexy bikes, washed and brushed sheep and various foods.

Gshow 2010 10

GShow 4 

Gshow 2010 9

Start a sheep farm for £10.

Gshow 2010 20

Do you think they are?

GShow 2010 19 

Gshow 2010 11 

Pretty things in the craft tent

Parachutists landing….

Gshow 2010 14 Gshow 2010 16 Gshow 2010 17

Gshow 2010 12

Agricultural machinery…

  Gshow 2010 44

Gshow 2010 43

Posh people with picnics.

GShow 2010  12

Men who look like their dogs.

 Gshow 2010 42

Clothes I can’t fit into atm…

Gshow 2010 41

Chicken handbags (!)

Gshow 2010 47

More sweets…

Gshow 2010 48 

Gshow 2010 49

Pink and purple wellies.

Gshow 2010 50

Or green wellies if you prefer.

To be continued…….

7 thoughts on “Glendale Show, Wooler

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:32 pm

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  • 06/09/2010 at 8:32 pm

    I 100 % agree with your advice. 🙂 There's next to nothing much more soothing than resting and crafting with close friends.

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:32 pm

    You clearly had glorious weather for it too – I'm so pleased!

  • 06/09/2010 at 8:32 pm

    My uncle just got a tattoo of an old school pin up girl. It was fantastic work. Looked great. Does anyone else see 60+ year old men, who have never had a tattoo, getting them. He isn't going through a mid life crisis, no divorce or other life changing happenings. He just got one. WTF was he thinking.

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