School holidays ended yesterday and I spent the day in the hairdressers getting some much needed TLC.

Over the week we had the electricity board checking the cables… very off putting to have a helicopter so close to your roof and Sky dish!



At the weekend I started painting the bathroom – as the plan is to completely redo this in 2011 its a minimal spend. 
(It was planned for this year but we built the studio instead).

  DSC_7078 DSC_7080

As you can see its a small room with one huge window. 
The preparation is my least favourite job – the Cath Kidston gloves and flowery scrubbing brush made it seem less of a chore 🙂
Sad.  But true.

Major work was required filling in the gaps between floorboards;


The new colours are;


Wall colour – Mouse’s Back


Woodwork and floor – Light Gray
All from my favourite paint shop Farrow & Ball, I’ve loved these paints for years, even before they were trendy.

I love Autumn for its colours, but really do hate the lack of light at this time of year. 
Photography becomes difficult and I always feel a bit sad as I love the sunlight.

Though it is an excuse to wear my new purple velvet jacket. 
Looks great with the new boots.


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  • 03/11/2010 at 5:36 pm

    set-up always seems to take four times as long as the actual project. love the purple jacket! what kind of accent color are you planning on using in the bathroom?

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