Due to unforeseen circumstances the talk and workshop at the Castle Douglas Branch of the Embroiderers Guild scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday next week has to be rearranged. 
I am very sorry. 
I hope we can rebook it for another time soon.

I have confirmation of a talk and workshop for the Quilters Guild Region 15E in Autumn 2011

Quilters Guild NE Regional Day
Talk “Goddesses”
15th October 2011

Visitors are welcome to attend.

For details and directions;
Click here for a contact form.

Quilters Guild NE Region
12th November 2011
Day Workshop “Goddesses”

Bookings details for the workshop will be available in the Regional Newsletter soon – if you are not a Quilters Guild member you can still come to the workshop.  The workshop will either be 3D Goddesses or quilted hangings, I am still waiting on the decision.

Let me know if you are interested. 
Click here for a contact form.

3D goddess group

Goddess summer tree