Buddha is looking serene in the snow.  In a brief burst of sunshine I went out for a walk. 


There is nothing like putting footprints into virgin snow – I love it.


Though someone got there before me

footprints 2

Snow is sliding OFF this roof.  That’s a very good sign!

studio snow


Rare picture of me below.  I’ve decided to work in the house today, studio tomorrow.
With DS off school I feel I need to be in the house.
DH is glued to the Blackberry and laptop behind a closed door.


One thing we did learn last year – no this year, its only been 7 months since the last snow.
Anyway, we parked the car up the top of the drive – just enough in so the postman doesn’t come haring round the corner and hit my car!

drive 2  

Me again – I’m tall!


More photos later – sheep and gorgeous fabrics…..

3 thoughts on “Snow showers

  • 25/11/2010 at 12:35 pm

    Hi Helen,
    Love the pictures of the snow and the sheep. I love what you have done with them as well.
    If it has to snow at least it does it picturesquely near you!

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