If the forecast is correct and this is the weather for the next two weeks the house will disappear….

Plus I have cracked a filling and it hurts like hell. 
Dentist appointment on the 7th Dec is bad enough but I don’t know if I’ll get there
(would you believe dental care in Northumberland is so wonderful our closest dentist is 40 miles away?)

My intrepid travellers left about 5 minutes ago to head into Wooler for food and painkillers.

And a sledge.  Of course.
Though I suspect Wooler has run out of fresh food already.

The novelty has worn off and I want it to stop and warm up now.



One thought on “Friday morning

  • 26/11/2010 at 3:30 pm

    are the chickens suitably appalled at the depth of snowfall? ow! cracked fillings are not nice. as i don't have medical insurance of any sort, it doesn't particularly matter that the closest dentist is 15 mins. away. when the snow falls deep here, people stock up on bottled water & junk food, in the midwest it was toilet paper…what do people in your area stock up on to unrealistic amounts?

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