Thanks everyone for the best wishes for the Dentist. 
I got there OK and the tooth is refilled….though still aching, I hope its feeling better tomorrow.
That Travelodge at Gosforth on the northern outskirts of Newcastle wins my “Best TL in the UK, visited by me award” and I’ve done a few over the years.

I came back via the A1 and Alnwick again… went to call into Sainsbury’s for shopping only to discover the shop was shut due to a cracked roof (snow weight).  Lets hope Tesco get here tomorrow. 

This is the Church Hall where we usually hold our Embroiderers Guild meetings… last Saturday was cancelled.  You can see why..

alnwick 1

I stopped and took a few photos from the car on the way home .
As you can see Northumberland council have been doing a great job gritting the road last night. 
Second gear the whole way back…. and there are some good short, sharp hills on this road.
alnwick rd

A common feature of Northumberland’s roads seems to be sharp corners with sheer drops off the side…. there are a few of those on this road.
Glad I know the road, its corners and hills VERY well.
And the pheasants seemed more suicidal than ever today, and there are a LOT of them along this road too.
They stand on this wall ready to jump off……

 alnwick rd1 

The slush is pure ice as the temperature was a whooping……



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    Wow and I stayed indoors cause we had rain…

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