Hope everyone has a creative, peaceful and wonderful 2011.

I am dreading January, not only do I feel as as I have had the winter already but last January the studio collapsed and the rabbit died an the year before I wrote off the car…… feel like I should stick my head in the sand this month!

During November and December the only trips out have been to the dentist – 500 miles so far and its still hurting (back on again on Thursday).
K&S was cancelled, as were EG meetings, lunches and coffees with friends…. I was really disappointed about all that.

But looking back at 2010 there are a lot of good things to have happened;

A new studio with all the plugs in the correct places and cupboard and shelves fitted in.

We were given a telescope (thanks Mary!) and have spent nights star gazing with friends, saw Japanese prints, went for wonderful walks in wonderful Northumberland, planted hedging around our property, took DS to London and France for the first time, saw my wonderful friends at FoQ, had lunches and meetings with my wonderful friends up here, saw some great exhibitions in Edinburgh and got that wonderful skirt (I still haven’t made the first cut!)

Thought this picture was fitting for January 1st – sketchbooks, some filled with inspirations and ideas, some ready to fill with new thoughts, along with threads, beads and fabrics.

I don’t do New Year resolutions but this year have a sentence in mind;

“Just get ON with it!”
To which my friend Penny added
“And get it right”

NYR eve 1