Today was THE most glorious day.  Chilly with a frost this morning, but what a blue sky.

I was at Berwick upon Tweed and took time out on the way home to stop and take these pictures.


These two were taken on the IPhone using a Panoramic app, first attempt was a bit wobbly, second much better.  I LOVE this!


The pictures show Berwick’s town walls.  They are only intact Elizabethan town walls remaining in England – built around 1558 by Henry VIII and then Elizabeth I.  Berwick changed hands between the English and Scots 14 (yes 14) times in the 200yrs prior to 1482.  Each time the population was slaughtered. 

You’d be a bit miffed after that wouldn’t you?

Btw Berwick finally ended up in England – though I think it wishes it was in Scotland.

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  • 07/03/2011 at 1:03 am

    they look great Helen – my first effort is pathetic – lots more practice needed!

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