Huge doses required please.  My ME has well and truly started again and only the other week I was telling people how much better I was.  Would seem I was on a knife edge of a balance and I tipped it over with Grasmere and then Half term.

I am dragging myself out of bed each morning to get DS to school, then crashing out for a while before heading into the studio.  I can see my deadline running towards me and I’m trying not to panic.

Its hard to work atm and compounded by the effects of finally stopping the painkillers I was taking for toothache.

But I AM working and here’s what’s been going on in Northumberland.

Spring seems to have arrived – we have bitterly cold days and nights but the sun is shining.

“March winds will blow and we shall have snow….”

Yep, the wind was howling last night and its snowing again this morning.  PLEASE can I have some warmth now?




Here is a snippet from a piece for the exhibition – I was playing with Photoshop to remove the colour and then add some back in.

Will try to give you more snippets as I go along, and will have the whole lot online on June 9th when the real exhibition opens.


One thought on “Energy required

  • 10/03/2011 at 4:53 pm

    sending you energetic hugs 😉
    love the bottom photo with my favourite little blue butterfly. It will be lovely see the whole piece.

    keep warm in this snowy spell and don't worry – it's only winter having one last coughing fit 🙂

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