Is a fascinating town with a wonderful (if rather violent) history.
I have always wanted to walk the town walls (only one of two or three surviving complete medieval town walls in Europe).  Today I was early for the hairdressers and took the opportunity to talk a quick stroll on a small section.
Georgian town houses front directly onto the walls, though sadly, most have their shutters closed and are empty.
Berwick 4
Berwick 6Berwick5
I saw this building (below) and wondered what it had been used for – must investigate.
Berwick 1
The Old Custom House, sadly all shut and closed.

Berwick 3Beriwck2

View along the walls
Beriwck 4 
And again in B&W
And then with a texture file to add some….erm…. texture!
This is also my Blip of the day.
The view across the River Tweed
Berwick spital-1
From the car park – look at the roof tops, its not a distortion created by the camera.
Berwick roof
I must get to know Berwick better – today I’ve seen a glimpse of a hidden side of what can be, in some places, quite a “run down” town.  Today I saw some beautiful Georgian buildings and must learn more of the history of the place.

3 thoughts on “Berwick upon Tweed

  • 06/04/2011 at 9:19 am

    Amazing, I have those photos, we walked the same piece in October 2 years ago. I loved that town, so many wonderful things for an Aussie to see.

  • 07/04/2011 at 10:04 pm

    My Grandparents lived not far from those walls. My Mum was brought up there and I spent many happy holidays at the 'men's pool' learning to swim in the sea. Ask me about The Greenses sometime.

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