I find that there is always a set progression to a new project that goes well;

1.Thoughts and ideas (can take weeks to months)

2. Scribbles (unintelligible to anyone but me)

3. Proper planning (i.e you can read the writing on the sketches and plans)

4. Enthusiastic start gathering threads and fabrics together (nothing is more enjoyable than rummaging through and finding just what you needed, its why you absolutely MUST buy so much when you make it to the occasional stitching show)

5. Midway crisis of doomed failure (its just NOT going to work out the way I need it to)

6. A gentle smile when you realise that its actually going to work out just how you planned

7. You realise you really like this and you’re not going to want to put a price tag on it (or even show off it lest anyone else use your ideas)

8. You can’t wait to get into the studio to get it finished (stuff the housework / husband / cooking / gym / shopping / ironing)

9. You’ve finished and you’re PROUD of it

Photos today from a section of todays work, stage 7;


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