Had a fantastic day at Tantallon Studio but forgot to take some photos at the end.  I was so enjoying myself – in a days workshop I made 3 tiles, one round pot, one square pot, several small tiles with holes for stitching and one large “landscape bowl”.  
I haven’t worked in clay since school and it was interesting how “instant” it is compared to textiles…… want to make a pot?  Just roll together and press…. instant mark making, moulding, glueing….  One day I shall get myself to Newcastle for the Ceramics course.  Do you think DH will let me have a kiln?
I can’t wait to see the results after firing.  I used cup and ring marked rocks as inspiration, as I often do in my work.
The view from the studio was amazing – right across the Forth and including Tantallon Castle where I went for a walk after the workshop.  The castle was mostly destroyed in the Civil War by Cromwell.  Can imagine it being wonderful in summer and freezing in winter.
tantaallon castle1 
The approach
Tantallon castle2 
The exposed walls
Tantallon castle3 
Upping the saturation on the rocks gave this amazing colour display
Tantallon castle4 
View from a window

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