Gosh, I just checked when I last posted here.  Where did the time go – I seem to be chasing my tail and getting nowhere really fast this month.
Last week I was lecturing and teaching in Castle Douglas for the Embroiderers Guild (Towers in a Day) and teaching in Newcastle for the Quilters Guild (Goddess wall hanging).  
Both great groups – I had a wonderful time and I really hope they did too.  
That’s me done with teaching for several months – until the sun and the “warm” weather return.
(Well, we can hope).
I went to a vintage fair on Sunday and came home with some great lace pieces.
Tuesday I had a day out in Rothbury with stitching friends and laughed and laughed.
Today I went to the charity shop in Wooler and came home with the bargain of the week – £3 for a linen/cotton damask tablecloth.
You don’t get bargains like that at Vintage Fairs.
Today I also ventured out with the camera. 
I find it hard to keep the Photo A Day going in the winter, the light is only really good here from 10am-2pm – and that’s on a good day.
Sometimes the light is only good at 11.59am, for 10 seconds……..and I miss it.  Note to self; stop complaining and dig out the studio lights!
Have you ever really looked at fallen leaves?
No I means REALLY looked at them?
No, I mean REALLY, REALLY looked?
Nature presents us with such wonderful patterns.
And the moles present me with such wonderful chaos on the lawn!
Finally for todays post – I’m sharing these flowers with you.
Yes, for you lot.
To cheer you up on these cold and mostly grey November days (unless you are the other side of the world, in which case you are waiting on summer which I hope its a good one for you, please can you remind me what a good summer is?)
Pink roses 1Pink roses 2Pink roses 3
I promise to be back soon.
(PS the flowers are on my kitchen table and are cheering me up every time I walk past).

2 thoughts on “How long?

  • 17/11/2011 at 5:50 pm

    Thanks you for the gorgeous flowers, Helen. Just what I needed. And I love the leaves almost as much.
    What a great find in your local charity shop. Made me want to start a treasure hunt of my own in Peebles before too long!

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