I’m in print so it must be true – the “Fashion & Embroidery Show” leaflet arrived on Saturday and my name is in print.

The ideas I need have finally crystallised with absolute clarity.  Really could have done with starting in November, but its OK – once I know where I’m going I can push on and create.

I’ve quite a large “room” at the show, 4.5x5m double sided – the idea is to take what remains of the Translations Exhibition, along with some new wall pieces, a few Towers and costumes. 

I’m a long way from being a dressmaker, but I love making costumes to showcase the colouring and embroidering of fabrics.

Using original Edwardian patterns I’ve been making up in cheap scrim-like fabric.

Fashion & Embroidery Show P15

The above dress is from this pattern – looks like a jacket and dress to you?  Did to me too. It’s not.  It needed some alternations so  I took the scissors to it.

Fashion & Embroidery Show P16

Fashion & Embroidery Show P23

I cut the back neckline into a square.
Above looks better?  I think so too.

Other patterns were scaled up from “Patterns of Fashion” by Janet Arnold.  I loved doing this part – reminded me of scaling up artwork at school (oh WHY did I give up art at 16?)

The scrim and a cutting mat made the job of scaling up 1/8inch=1 inch a doddle.

Fashion & Embroidery Show P17

No skirt parts just yet, as I wanted to ensure I had enough fabric to create the bodices as these require precise fitting.

Fashion & Embroidery Show P18

This one had me confused? why such a large centre panel?

The back looked interesting, but too “modern”, so it was put back how it’s supposed to be.

Fashion & Embroidery Show P19

And again I took the scissors to it.  The costumes are to be based on original patterns – not faithful copies.

Fashion & Embroidery Show P22

The start of the “collection”.

A mixture of Project Runway and House of Elliot meets Downton Abbey.

How good is it to have this as my job?

Fashion & Embroidery Show P21

2012 is going to be a wonderful, wonderful year. I have certain exhibitions planned (are you ready for this?)

1. F&E  -NEC – March
2. Pins & Needles (with the Twyne Textile Group) – Newcastle – March
3. Loch Lomond Quilt Show – May (showcasing Goddesses)
4. Solo exhibition – Baliffgate, Alnwick – June
5. “Linens & Lace” Solo exhibition at Old Gala House – Galashiels – September > October.

Plus working on a Uni course via distance learning – which I’d planned to take a break from for a few months but I need to cram it into Feb – Oct to beat the governments fee hike (it changes from affordable to you have got to be kidding expensive).

  Thanks you guys in parliament, I REALLY needed something else to be doing!!!

So New Year Resolutions?  None, instead a word for 2012……..

It could only be


(or an alternative trendy phrase)

“Keep Stitching
Don’t Panic”

Images created in the iPad using the Noteshelf App – later today I’ll add my (private) notes and scribbles.

2 thoughts on “Looking forward

  • 10/01/2012 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Helen

    I Just love your costume work (being a costume maker myself) I do have one question PLEASE – where do you get your 1" square paper from – I have been searching the UK for some years now all the paper I can find is metric. i have to draw my own out and that takes forever. Please help 🙂

  • 11/01/2012 at 8:26 am

    wow! those look amazing already Helen. I love the patterns and can imagine you'll do something spectacular with the fabric.

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