Family copy

Digital art class lesson 3.
Theme of Family – which, having this photo I wanted to use, I limited to my DH and DS.

I had hoped to complete at least another two lessons today but this took me 5 hours!  Its a steep learning curve but at least now I have more of an idea why something is / isn’t working!

I learnt how to;
Duplicate a layer with Crl+J
Drawing with the polygonal lasso tool
Create a new brush

It reinforced past learning of;
Installing brushes
Rotating brushes
Colouring brushes
Extracting a motif
Recolour a Motif
Clipping layers

And yes, now you mention it the flowers look as if they are waving.  Ophs.

2 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon….

  • 05/02/2012 at 6:14 pm

    Love the text you've used on this spread, Helen, and the photograph. So jealous of these classes, would love to do them myself but this really is unrealistic at the moment with the dial-up. So will keep on wrestling with written instructions in books. It looks a real fun course to do!

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