Whooo! today was 16 degrees (Celsius) and full sun.. SIXTEEN! 


How wonderful is that?  The birds were singing, I grabbed the camera for the first time in weeks, I flung open both the studio doors and worked with

It felt good.

Which considering the disasters of yesterday* was a good move for my sanity.


Can you see that BLUE SKY behind Buddha?
Excuse the shouting – I am HAPPY!!  BLUE SKIES!!!  WHHOOOOOO!!!!!

I’ve been working on the third costume – below are crows flying in the sky.  This part is a quilted corset, I started the skirt too.  Next I’ll be getting into some painting with markals and stencils, more stitching and then beading, so just a few hundred hours of wonderful wonderful work…..


Whilst waiting for inspiration (or from tomorrow for paint to dry) I’ve been finishing other projects.

Now this is the modern embroiderers table;
Daylight lamp
iPhone (checking emails / news / music)
iPad (rerun of House of Cards and lots of iTunes Uni videos to watch)
mini speaker
mouse with red ears
and Ikea soap dishes (prefect for beads)

Along with a collection of silks, lace, threads and beads.

What more does a girl need?


Outside in the garden I could finally see my plans starting to form;


This area has been cleared (note no caravan), the bricks and slabs have all been gathered from around the garden and are ready to create an area of hard standing and a border around the greenhouse.

This area will be fenced off soon – wait until you see the gates, they are fabulous.


The old hedge has been pulled out and the ground prepped.
New fence appearing soon.
Note feature rock (its a family joke).

And below – see how you can alter the picture with the aperture setting?


Maybe I should finally get the safety cladding off the electricity wires?

What’s that you say?  Snow, next week…
ah, maybe wait then.
Snow forecast for Monday….and Tuesday….. and Wednesday too.

Daisy your time might have arrived!

* yesterdays disasters (which will be hilarious next week)

1. Cracked two terracotta pots
2. Put away bottles, beer can jumps off shelf and explodes.
3.  Soaked in beer – strip off to my knickers and bra and put clothes directly into the washing machine.
4. Put slippers in bin – dripping with beer.
5. Woven wall hanging covered in beer – hope it will survive a hand wash
6. Sari from Dubai covered in beer – dry clean??
7. Wash down the floor, door, boxes, hoover, broom…
8. Wondering if Guinea Pigs will enjoy beer infused hay?
9.Open email and discover I have lost a bid for a commission.
10.Friends car has died so coffee is cancelled.
11. Toaster dies (great excuse to buy a snazzy purple one)
12. Switch on hoover – strong beer smell comes out!

House smelt of burnt toast and beer…
…. brings back memories of student days!