Last Thursday was my birthday – I love to have a “special” day and I spent the morning happily painting. In the afternoon the sun came out and I grabbed the camera to photograph one of my favourite flowers – the Cherry Blossom which is flowering along the drive (always reminds me of 1. My grannies front garden and 2. Happy May Day BBQ’s at 12a – my student days).
I went out chatting to friends and in the evening the boys and I went to Roughting Linn then out for a meal and back to cake and candles (thanks Carol!)
It was good to have a break from the constant work atm.  I got the results from my second archaeology module – a distinction, phew.  Next module starts June 1st and though I would love a break I am going ahead to avoid the almost doubling in cost, thanks to our wonderful government policy on university education.

I shall be glad when its June 2nd and the next two exhibitions are over / up on display.




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