Photo 25-06-2012 09 33 09

The garden is both lush and battered after the storms on Sunday evening.  I’ve chopped the damaged lupins and foxgloves down and have read that they may regrow this summer.

Photo 24-06-2012 17 43 21

My favourite flowers are looking stunning around the studio.

At least we can have fun in the rain.
(Late Sunday evening paddling!)

Photo 24-06-2012 21 09 17

The studio is almost back into working order after a major tidy up – shelves and a cupboard have been liberated!  Success!

This rain is getting me down though – can’t even be bothered to get the cameras out after their clean.  The iPhone is becoming an invaluable quick, handy photo tool.

One thought on “Rain, rain, go away…… come back another day….

  • 29/06/2012 at 9:44 am

    You thought Sunday was bad – what about Thursday?!!!


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