Where were we?  Ah yes, in India. (Its taken me far too long to finish this post, I started over a week ago I think, so I better get on hadn’t I?) The Chola bronze in the centre is stunning.
More information on these amazing sculptures here. 
After taking the online course on the History of Indian Art it makes it easier to understand the context of the items seen in (the rather sterile) context of the museum setting. 
As the MA is financially out of reach atm I’m considering signing up for the Islamic Art course next, but that’s another story.
V&A London 17
I love looking a the the shapes and patterns. 
I find this Eastern Art is just so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.
V&A London 16
The Jina Rishabhanatha, Uttar Pradesh, Northern Indian. 800-900.
V&A London 18
Vishnu.  Eastern Indian or Bangladesh 1100-1200.
The journey continues from India to Old Britain…..
The British Galleries contain some super objects, so important in the history of Britain.
V&A London 15
Leather gloves with silver and silver-gilt. 1615-1625.
V&A London british galleries 1
Head Cloth for a Bed. 1554-1575.
Woven silk damask, silk and metal thread.
For the wedding of Henry Wentworth and Elizabeth Glemham.
V&A London british galleries 2
Long cushion ~1600. Silk velvet with applied linen canvas.
The label reads “Patterns composed of isolated motifs such as these were almost exclusively English and owed little to outside influences”.
Elephants? In Elizabethan England? In the Tower menagerie maybe.
V&A London british galleries 3
Womens smock 1575-1585.
Linen with silk in Blackwork style.  Almost 500 years old.  How utterly amazing is that?
V&A London 11
The V&A has beautiful views around every corner. Only the V&A could give you a view such as the above.
The Friday I was there was a “late night” opening until 10pm.  It was a wonderful atmosphere and though not all the galleries were open it felt special to be there after hours – and NO KIDS!
V&A London 10
Each time I visit the V&A I come across something new – this is the Cast Court, looking down from a balcony as I was on my way to the Ironwork section I couldn’t believe this sight.
I think the above is Trajans Column, originally in marble, erected AD113
V&A London 13
Can you see how quiet it was in the galleries?  In that time between the schools leaving and the workers arriving, it was magical.
V&A London 14
This is a Grille, Copper Gilt, Italy C16th, said to be from Venice. 
There is a beauty in all items here.  
Sometimes I think the V&A should be renamed the 
“Museum of Beautiful Objects”

V&A London 12
The Chihuly Glass sculpture. 
(See more of his work in museums here).
Around 8pm I wandered a few minutes down the road to the Natural History Museum.
Natural History 2
I had a wonderful evening here too.
Had a look around the dinosaurs gallery (again no kids – pure bliss), the atmosphere was wonderful with the bar and band. 
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition was busy but a stunning display of photography, I came away inspired to capture the animals of Northumberland as well as the landscape.

Though I wondered what Darwin would make of all this as he sat on his chair behind the band?

Natural History 1
The morning view of Kensington was very different to the usual view of garden and fields.
These chimneys caught my eye. A huge number per house. 
London 5

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