Happy Yule & Midwinter Solstice to everyone!

I’m pleased to be across the solstice and back to days where the sunlight is returning.

There were no walks to carved rocks or photos of the sun shining through the trees this year.  Its not stopped raining for weeks (so it seems) and the sun hasn’t been out to play for a while.

In preparation for the holidays I’ve ignored the house, but have written all the cards, purchased presents and wrapped everything in hand printed wrapping paper (the Indian printing blocks are wonderful for this).

As a displacement activity I’ve made two skirts from tablecloths and then procion dyed them.
Excuse the quality of the picture – taken on the phone on a very windy day.


Yesterday I made my first ever wreath – using moss.  Paula’s wreath was very neat and tidy, mine is wild and shaggy!

Its now on display on the hall cupboard door with the birds hanging down in front (these are a permanent fixture – I seem to have a passion for “dangly” things in the house!)

moss Wreath

If it wasn’t raining so hard I’d be out collecting more moss and making more of these, lovely to use my hands in a different way and to make more practical items. 

Below is a photo of a rush pot I made a few weeks ago on a workshop at Etal– I added purple hemp thread for some contrasting colour.  It was a lovely day out meeting new people.


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  • 31/03/2013 at 9:05 pm

    Love the look of the skirt Helen, the fabric has worked great

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