Speaking here from the new laptop at last, the second new one in a week.  I’m now having “great fun” reloading all the software and soon I’ll attempt to reload all my documents and photos.

Today the weather is both drippy and snowy.
Daisy is earning her keep this winter, she handles the snow so much better than we hoped and we’ve not had to dig out the drive and lane, so we are very happy.


I’ve got lots of plans for new work – presently mulling them over in my mind with the occasional scribble and sketch.  Its something I need to do and it can’t be hurried.

And now I must go as I need to catch up on my online courses – Islamic Art & Architecture (12 weeks, Oxford Uni) and World History since 1750 (15 weeks, Coursera) and AstroBiology and the search for ET life starts on Monday (5 weeks, Coursera).


One thought on “Almost back to normal

  • 24/01/2013 at 3:31 pm

    Glad that you & yours are staying warm! Coursera sounds *neat*. I will look into it further once the upcoming move is over.

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