I am so enjoying this course, (along with Astrobiology and Modern World History via Coursera) its not leaving me much time for the studio, but then its so cold and muddy out there that I am happy sitting inside reading and watching videos with some hand stitching on occasional evenings.
I thought I would start jotting down some good links here, for those who are interested.
For a virtual tour of a classic domed mosque complex in Istanbul go here.  Its is a fabulous website showing the Suleymaniye Complex, built between 1550-7.
A Walking Virtual Tour: The Suleymaniye Mosque - Photographed by Barry Gross and Michael Gross
And then we got to the Mughal art such as the Badshaahi Mosque in Lahore.  The style of the arches, the internal decoration… I don’t know why but I find it so utterly enthralling and beautiful.

Then we were directed to the sub-Saharan African style and I wondered about the fate of this mosque in Timbuktu, with regards to recent events there.

And for a truly beautiful Illuminated Manuscript take a look here
For me the artwork is the important part, not the religion, though of course there is a respect for the importance of this book to the Islamic Culture.  When I head to London in March / April I must go and see this for myself.
I’m always drawn to Mughal ornamentation and for another stunning page look at this image here, click on the image and you zoom in.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
This is one of my favourite pages.  Reminds me of Elizabethan gardens and embroidery of the time.
Christie's | Fine Art Auction House
Next week “Painting and figural representation in Islam”

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  • 20/02/2013 at 3:59 pm

    thank you for these links – i am following up on several of them – islamic art, culture and architecture have long been an interest of mine but i am no longer able to travel to exotic locations, i will be able to catch up on what i have missed through some of the links

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