Flag Fen is the site of a 3,5000 year old wooden walkway.
A very LONG walkway.



Awls found in the area.  Would be good to think they were used for stitching?


The wooden structure, only a small section is uncovered, the rest is under the fields to preserve it for the future.


Can we build one in the garden?
Of course we can darling! (Actually, yes we could…..and Dad has requested a removal roof for the telescope, a school holiday project?)


Another lovely herb garden.
I’m gathering ideas for my garden on this trip.


On 1st June we attended the wedding in Huntingdon.
Here I can show you a DH who looks like he’s in the mafia and one very smart DS (I was a very proud mummy).

Looks like I’m about to tell DH off!

I wish you could see my hair, but I never got the boys to take a picture – I had a gorgeous hair brooch set in my up-do.  I’m planning to wear the necklace from Anthropologie as much as possible.

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