Neither of us had never been to the fens area and looked forward to exploring a new area.

Burghley House was the first stop east, its links to Elizabethan history was the big draw for me.
By this point on our travels we knew to park in the coach park for ease of manoeuvre and I was phoning in advance to check the parking facilities.

Sometimes the small details caught my eye.

Sometimes the long vistas.

As you can see above I was struggling to get the photo I wanted with the “handbag” camera.

Beautiful craftwork.

The Heaven Room

The Hell Staircase.

Both heaven and hell were stunning, how many other people have stood here and admired (or been reminded of their sins) in centuries past?

Detail of the Tudor fireplace, which reminded me of the Art Nouveau style.

One day, in my garden I will have a smaller version of this rill.
One day.


The Garden of Surprises was great fun.

Ophs, timing is everything!

Note the water stripes down DS’s back.
He loved it and we all had a go.

Another sculpture park with some great art.