Poppies have long been a favourite flower of mine.

I think its the floozie red colours, delicate nature of the petals, their movement in the wind and the fleeting appearance.

This year these flowers have been growing for months and months in the studio border.  
I’m not quite sure how I managed that, but they are spectacular.

The Twyne Textile Group has recently secured an exhibition opportunity at Wallington House (National Trust), with the concept of capturing the “Spirit of Wallington”.
I’ve decided to take my poppies (a feature of the house) and combine with a quote from the greenhouse and run with that.   

I am hoping to be able to expand on the WW1 theme if a grant application is successful, the waiting to find out is stressful!!!
It would be such a fantastic opportunity and I am trying not to get TOO excited until its all signed and date stamped. 

It’s a happy start to the new working year which begins, officially, on the 16th September as I need this week to tie up some loose ends.




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