Well Happy New Year!!!!!

Here we go for 2014…. onwards and upwards.
Are you planning out what you’re going to do?  Any new years resolutions?

I have one. (So far).

To catalogue and keyword my photographs AS I GO ALONG!
I’ve spent three days working through 2013 ready to make up the yearly photo book and I’ve had enough.

At least publishing the 2013 Textile Goddess Book is easy on Blog2Print, press a few buttons and thats it.


I hope you all had a good holiday, I am SO going to miss my boys, DH is back to work tomorrow after THREE weeks holiday.  Unheard of.  DS heads back to school on Tuesday.
We have had a great time.  Days out, visitors and great lunches. 

I’ll leave you with this photograph from Christmas Day Lunch, yes those are sausages on my plate – a veggie version.  The boys are more traditional and the lunch from M&S was gorgeous, we eat far too much and had pudding 2 hours later.
Just as it should be. 

Christmas 2013 25 Dec 2013 14 034