I’ve had enough of this grey January light, doesn’t matter how many artificial lights you put on its still dreadful at this time of year.

Its really holding me back on photographing the workshop details.
Most frustrating.

Last week I tried out more rust dyeing, I set out the trays and my collection of rusty bits n bobs. 


10 minutes later the light had gone 🙁 

Dyeing 2

Here are muslin and scrims, washed and ready for wrapping around “stuff”.


And here they are all wrapped up and ready for the dye and oven.
Brrrrrr…… it was chilly outside, time to go inside.

The fabrics dyed beautifully and just as soon as the light comes back, you know, about APRIL… I’ll be able to take some pictures for you. 
Excuse the sarcasm about the weather.  
I wish I was working in the south of France.