Its all come together really well, the bodice has been finished with these beautiful clasps (they are on the shoulders as well). 

Edwardian Dress 30 001


The train is ready


 Working on the bustle sewing organza poppies and thread formed crows – more symbolism from WW1

Poppies in hoop 001


The corsage.  The National Trust House, Wallington was owned by a conscientious objector, hence one white poppy.

DSC 0018

DSC 0021

A4 belle epoque

The Belle Epoque was the “beautiful era” of scientific discovery, peace and general good feeling through Europe starting in 1871.

Unfortunately it ended in1914.


This outfit takes inspiration from the ending of the Belle Epoque – the fashion is contemporary to the era, but the crows and poppies indicate a darker side at…..

A5 end of the belle epoque 2

 And here it is finished, quick snaps in the garden before the rain came.

Edwardian Dress front finished

Edwardian Dress side finished

Tomorrow I’ll show you the dress at Wallington and the other pieces of work in the exhibition.



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  • 13/08/2014 at 5:33 pm

    Its beautiful Helen, looking forward to seeing it – and you! – next week.

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