The UK Government is bringing in new VAT rules, from 1st January – ANY digital product will be liable to VAT if sold to another European country. Not just that but I will need to register for VAT (threshold is £0), register to hold data under the Data Protection Act (as I need to collect three pieces of info to tell me where the buyer is located) and submit VAT returns. Refusing to sell to other European countries infringes the law. The idea was to catch Amazon etc…. BUT the government had NO idea of the number of small businesses – like mine, that would be affected. 

My workshops are all on sale until the 31st December. Hopefully ETSY will be able to put measures in place, though at the moment it seems not. As for the design books I’m working on…… well, unless I can afford to publish them (not) its been a whole waste of energy and time 

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