Happy “insert festival of choice” to everyone…. 

Whatever you think and celebrate at this time of year I hope you have a good day / week.

For us the celebrations start with Yule and the Midwinter Solstice.  Very important to have the light returning.  

Today we have opened presents from family and friends and are about to sit down for lunch.

Presents have included 6 scarves!  DH came back with five from India, one a Kashmir stole and four of the finest silk in beautiful hand dyed colours.  I was given money to buy my own present s this year from parents and decided on Mahabi Slippers, a necklace from Anthropologie, a scarf woven by a friend and a book on Indian ornamentation.  My lovely friend gave me candles, a stunning steampunk watch and much more.  DH also gave me a voucher for 4X4 off road and winter driving tuition!  
A wonderful, electic mix!  
Perfect for me.

Better go and light the candles on the table!  

Driftwood tree

Trees snow