Continuing the blogging of my London visit……


The Royal Academy for two very different exhibitions.

The outside installation gives an idea of what I found inside.

A large and poignant sculpture…  very simple really, but with a huge message about war.


RA install

 But first – (expensive) coffee in cultured surroundings. 

RA cafe

The Kiefer Exhibition. 

I was unsure about this, would I like it?
I’d taken some time to read up beforehand and very glad I did as it explained the artists background in Germany and his exploration of war.

I managed to take a few snaps on the phone. 




And double WOW.

Keifer 1

The scale, the textures, the colours.
All of it spoke to me. 

I just cannot forget this exhibition.

Keifer 3

Kiefer 2


Then upstairs to Moroni.

What a contrast.

He is hailed as one of Italy’s best C16th portrait painters, capturing their likeness and that “something extra” that gives life to the painting. 

Moroni poster


After lunch I headed to the British Museum….