One of the things I’ve realised over the last few weeks is that my life is finely balanced between three spheres – firstly, finding time for my family and friends.  Secondly keeping the house clean and tidy, the cupboards full, the clothes clean and pressed, taking the car for an MOT and all those little things that need doing for a house to run.  
Thirdly and finally, my work.  

Inevitably when something unexpected happens that balance really goes wonky!  
And unfortunately,  its my work that suffers, because simply, the rest can’t suffer.
I have a husband who is more often working away than at home (so although I am a equal opportunities feminist, the house, car and garden do fall to me to look after) and I’m mum to a gorgeous, precious and adorable teenage boy.

So stitching – well, not a lot at all to show you.  
In fact I’d go as far to say, none to show.

Mmm, thats NOT right at all!

What I have been trying to fit in these last few weeks is seeing all my friends, because nothing is more important than friendships.

Week 3 4 Colour and friends

I want to say a HUGE thank you too all those friends both here in Northumberland and to those more geographically challenged (who I meet up with on the internet). 
You have been wonderful with your flowers, coffee, natters, Facebook messages, texts and emails.
Crikey, what would I do without you all. 
You’ve really helped me get through the last 6 or so weeks. 


And to escape to my world of “Helen on her own” (which I do like too) I’ve been painting and drawing.  

I’m following four courses (soon to be three as I finish 48 weeks).


I’m still catching up on Donna Downeys 48 weeks, I’ve just finished week 44 and these weeks are truly wonderful, not only because Donna is a fabulous teacher, but also because the instructions are in real time detail and though I never follow the teacher exactly I don’t need to think too much about what to do.  

I’m following the Life Book 2015 – with videos and ideas to follow on a weekly basis, more illustration type work and good for me – forces me to draw.

I also signed up for the 2015 class from Donna – Inspiration Wednesdays, video’s every two weeks on more mixed media sketchbook work.

Finally the Documented Life Project 2015 where prompts and ideas are thrown out every week. (This one is free btw).

With this with course you do have to think – this is a good stepping stone for me from the set tutorials to my own mixed media work.

Now my brain is working out how to transfer some of the mixed media ideas to fabrics.
Not so easy when a lot of the texture relies on heavy gesso and other mediums, into which you couldn’t stitch, or even bend the fabrics as they would crack and peel off.

But I love a challenge, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, I have a week of catching up planned for you.
Hope you enjoy it after the few weeks of waiting. 

Namaste close 2








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  • 15/02/2015 at 7:10 pm

    I am glad to hear from you. I have been thinking about you a lot. I found with my sister, even though we were not close, it took a while doing the everyday and the mundane to restore order again. And just doing that was creative enough without doing something that took imagination to be creative.
    Big hugs,

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