1 Logwood 3b

 After leaving the fabrics in the dye pans overnight it looked like this (sorry for the blur – must have been taken B.C. (before coffee).
I pulled the fabric out and left the liquid in the pan for later. 
1 Logwood 1a
After a wash at 40degrees C it looked much better!
2 Logwood 2a
And out on the washing line in the bright warm sun it looked fabulous.
3 Logwood 3a
Can’t say I was very successful at getting a different hue on each piece – I KNEW I shouldn’t have panicked and put more nails into the second pot!
It wasn’t too pink after all.
But I am very pleased with each piece of material.
Perfect for my plans. 
4 Logwood 4a
I added some more fabric to each pan for s second day of dyeing.
Same principle, boil up, add fabrics, turn off the heat and leave overnight. 
2 Logwood 2c
Those “marks” on the fabric are where the rusty items were directly in contact with the cotton fabric.
A lighter shade and most beautiful grey-purple colour.

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