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 I realised today that, as a tutor, it was very difficult to keep track of new groups that form.
People looking for a group to join must also have the same problems.
So I am in the process of setting up a new website dedicated to textile groups (any fibre or stitch related group), that meet in the UK.
It will also include a list of tutors who offer lectures and workshops.
I’m in the very early stages (I just registered my domain name 5 minutes ago!).
If you would like your group listed please let me know – I need the NAME OF THE GROUP, SHORT DESCRIPTION, WHERE YOU MEET, WHEN YOU MEET, A CONTACT PERSONS INFO (email maybe also phone), WEBSITE (if you have one).
If you are a tutor who would like to advertise your talks and workshops to groups please contact me too – with name, email, phone, details of workshops and lectures, areas covered, website.
There will be a very small nominal fee to advertise tutors / speakers.
PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE NEWS to everyone you know who is involved in stitchery and fibre arts, its the only way this can work.

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Helen xxx


  • 29/06/2015 at 3:49 pm

    Sounds like an excellent idea Helen. I have just emailed the organisers of our group so it can be discussed at the next meeting. I don't know whether you are a member of the Contemporary Group of the Quilter's Guld, if so it's worth putting out a message on their Yahoo Group.

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