Well thats the start of a new school year, how did my baby grow up so fast?  
He is now in Year 11, GCSE time and the baby has recently had his 15th birthday, takes a 15 inch collar and is 5’ 10” (maybe 11”)

I still seem to be busy but I am getting some time in the studio, though I do find it difficult to get back into the groove after weeks away.

Next week I am away on holiday with the girls!!

Because, yes, they stitch too.
The setting is fantastic (just outside Grasmere) and the food is wonderful.

I’ll be posting lots and lots of pictures next week.
I made some block rubbings this week on hand dyed fabrics and will take these along with me.

I sorted out my blocks with leaves and ancient animals.

5 Markals 6

Rubbing with green and then a touch of brown and gold.

1 Markals 1



2 Markals2

Goats, we do old goats in Northumberland.
As in ancient flocks of goats, mainly on Yeavering Bell (Hill of the Goats).

3 Markals 3

6 Markals5

4 Markals 4



2 thoughts on “Preparing for a jolly week ahead

  • 13/09/2015 at 8:19 pm

    that looks like agreta start for your new work. I'm loking forward to seeing progress on these.
    Love the colours and shapes.

  • 15/09/2015 at 8:27 am

    What lovely wood blocks. I hope you all have a wonderful time… hugs to all x

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