“London Calling, yes I was there too….An’ you know what they said?  Some of it was true”.

Lyrics from London Calling. The Clash 1979 (yes really).



love : hate

When I lived there I came to loath it, now I’m a “tourist” I love it.

1 IMG 3686

 Leaving Berwick, photo shot off the train using my phone.

2 IMG 3694

Another camera shot – leaving Newcastle upon Tyne 

1 IMG 3708

First stop – some shopping at Gudrun S.  
But look up at the building. 

2 IMG 3709 1

Purposely getting lost walking from Monmouth Street to Orange Street.
Via Lisle Street and London’s China Town. 

This is one of the things I love about London, getting lost, looking at the architecture, wondering about the history.

And I have to confess ALL the pictures you see will have been taken on the iPhone or iPad.
It’s simply so much more convenient than lugging a huge heavy camera around.

More to come on Ai Weiwei at the RA, inspiration from the Natural History Museum, Fabric of India at the V&A….. and then the British Museum, the Foundling Museum and the British Library.

Yes I am exhausted.  I arrived in London at 12noon on Friday and left at 5pm on Saturday.
I was in the hotel from 10pm -10am.
Next time remind me to book two nights please.