As a biologist how can you walk past the Natural History Museum and NOT go in?


20 NHM3

The building itself is a cathedral to Mother Earth.  

21 MHN5

18 NHM1

Beautiful carvings which always make me smile.

19 NHM2

25 NHM8

24 NHM7 Darwin

Darwin, a hero of mine.

17 Darwin

16 Wallace

Not forgetting Wallace – who ALSO came up with the theory of evolution, possibly before Darwin.
But allowed Darwin to publish and take the credit (and the flak)

15 NHM stones room

When I came here with Richard in 2009 he spent hours in this room and we looked at every single rock.
He was fascinated.
Must say I am too. 

01 Opal

02 Aurichalcite
04 Beryl
06 Earth colours
05 Kottigite
08 Hydrohematite
07 Galena
09 Chalcotrichite
10 Chalcotrichite 2
12 Agate
11 Silicified wood
14 Sulphur
13 Graphite
You can’t beat the beauty and colour schemes of Mother Earth can you?
03 View inside out
And looking out…. rather Venetian don’t you think?