Can  you help me make an idea to help all textile artists and enthusiasts come true?

Did you know that I set up a list for all the textile tutors and groups in the UK?  
All disciplines from embroidery, quilting, knitting, felting, spinning, weaving etc…..

It was a mad idea on a wet Monday morning back in the summer and its gone from strength to strength since.    
Almost 200 people or groups are now registered.
And we have almost 800 members of the Facebook community.

If you are a tutor please come and register – there is only a small nominal fee of £5.

Groups are FREE to register.

There are simple online forms for groups and tutors. 

I’d love this to be a really comphrensive database of all the textile people and groups in the uk – including tutors who are willing to travel to the UK.


Facebook HERE 

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Textile groups web shot